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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  September 23, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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no one could forget the boy in those pictures. abducted by his mother to brazil, finally handed over to his father david, after a five-year international battle. we could only guess what he was feeling, but, tonight, in an exclusive interview, you will find out. what do you remember about that day? >> getting dragged through the streets with cameramen, a lot of people pushing. >> shawn, finally opening up about his years living on another continent. thousands of miles from home. >> my mom married another person, and she said this is your dad. >> never knowing how hard his father was fighting to get him back. were you angry, why doesn't he want to see me?
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reunited at last, but after some years apart, can this father and son find their way forward. >> he did have his guard up. >> and after all he's been through, what this boy says he knows for sure. you feel that deep until your heart? >> yeah. >> what so many have waited so long to hear. "sean's story." >> welcome, everyone. i'm lester holt. one of the most remarkable stories we've ever told on "dateline." the five-year battle waged by david goldman to bring his abducted son, sean, home from brazil. sean takes us through the story as only he can. moment by moment. remarkably open by what so many wanted to know. his journey back from brazil, his life here at home, and whether he ever lost faith in his father. here is meredith vieira.
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>> like any 12-year-old boy, he can be antsy. the prospect of sitting still for a television interview isn't exactly appealing. >> whoa. five pages of questions? >> no, no, no. we're not going to do. you're too smart. behind the shy smile and awkward discomfort that tends to define preteen boys, it's immediately obvious there is something different about this sixth grader. doing really well in school, as in honor roll, that right? >> yeah. >> you had a little difficulty with math, but you mastered it? >> yeah. >> that must have felt good to have a challenge and get through it? >> that's life. getting through challenges. >> is that something you would have said if your life were different? >> well, maybe. >> because that's a very grown up thing to say, that life is about challenges. do you go back in your head and go, you know what? i've had some bigger challenges, and i've managed? >> yeah, yeah.
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>> the challenges faced by in this young new jersey boy are staggering. he is at the center of a case that reached the highest levels of the brazilian and u.s. government. at the age of 4, he was abducted by his brazilian mother and cut off from his father. when he was 8, his mom died, but even then, his brazilian family tried to keep him there, never telling him that his distraught dad was fighting to bring you home. nobody told you? "dateline" chronicled his dad's five-year struggle, trying to get his son back, watching as the bitter legal rangling took its toll. >> so tired. mentally, physically. why won't they let me go home with him. >> through all of the set backs, des pair ration and heart break, his dad refused to give up. >> i won't ever quit on my son.
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>> never? >> never. >> how can you? >> sean had no idea how hard his dad was fighting, and when brazilian relatives were ordered to hand him over, sean was bewildered and terrified. >> you are a little boy. >> nine years old. >> on the plane ride home to the u.s., david goldman gazed in disbelief at the son he had been separated from for 5 1/2 years, but quietly he worried. the troubling question that hovered in everyone's mind, how could a 9-year-old possibly overcome so much trauma. what was going through your head in terms of this little boy you are taking home? >> i hope he doesn't have life long nightmares of that day. >> since then, as father and son try to heal, david fiercely guarded sean's privacy. glimpses of a happy looking boy in photos and video, and heard from his dad he's doing okay,
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but we haven't heard from sean himself. >> i'm sure this has not been easy for you the past couple of years. >> not although at all. >> now in his first interview, opens up, talking earnestly about his confusing ordeal. >> no kid has to go through what i went through. >> should have to go through. >> should have to go through. >> has it made you a different person? >> maybe. i don't know. >> tonight, you'll hear from both sean and his dad about the painful repercussions of being estranged so long. >> he was to the point where if this continued, he wouldn't recognize me as his dad. >> and as his brazilian relatives still fight, find out how sean is coping with the ongoing drama. >> there are times he said why did this happen? why do they do this to me? why? >> for sean, it begins with the
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memory of a blissful childhood in this house. do you have strong memories of the house you lived in, any of that? >> i remember my dad pushing me on the swingset and overlooking the great view of the backyard. >> sean, who was born on may 25, 2000, was david goldman and bruna bianci's first and only child. and they made a picture-perfect family. >> all three of them were beautiful. it looked like a fairy tale. >> david, who had been an international model, so loved being a dad, he stopped traveling in order to spend more time at home with sean. what did you guys do together? >> what didn't we do together? we did everything, everything that a father and son could do and then some. >> the pair forged a tight bond and david affectionately dubbed his son his little buddy. sean still vividly remembers their adventures canoeing on the
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river behind their house. >> you know cattails, it looks like cattails, but it's not, and it's this trail of water that goes in between it, and we used to call it the dinosaur trail and i remember we got lost in it, and this blue bird led us out of the trail. >> you remember that? you had to be 3 or 4. >> i know, it's just weird. >> you were a happy kid. >> yes. >> and you have good memories of that? >> yeah. >> what are you going to do? >> but a few weeks after his fourth birthday, everything in sean's happy little world would be turned completely upside down. coming up, sean's mom abducts him to brazil. ripped away from his father and for this little boy, another shock. >> my mom married another person, and she said this is
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your dad.
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it was the day that changed sean goldman's life forever. june 16, 2004. sean and his mom, bruna were headed to rio dejanera, brazil, for a two-week vacation. sean was all smiles as his father kissed him good-bye. >> love, hugs, kisses, we did the same i love you as we always did as they were walking through the big jetway. >> neither sean nor his dad could possibly have known then that years would pass before
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they would ever see each other again. when bruna arrived in brazil, her native country, she called david with devastating news. >> our marriage is over. our love affair is over. i decided to be -- stay in brazil. so clear, she said this, so unemotional. >> never gave you a reason. >> it was over. our love affair is over. >> david demanded his wife return with sean immediately. but she refused. just like that, his little boy had been taken away and david says bruna not only wanted full custody of their son in brazil, she threatened that if he didn't comply, things would get ugly. >> if i go to the courts, if i go to the police, i will never see him again. >> bruna was guilty of parental child abduction, but sean didn't understand any of that. all he knew was that he was in brazil and his dad wasn't, and on the few occasions when bruna let him get on the phone with
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his dad, his little voice seemed to say it all. >> hey, da da. >> hey, sean, when you guys come back, i'm going to give you the biggest hug and kiss and pick you up and put you on my shoulders and we're best friends forever. my heartbeats for you. >> no, da da. i love you forever. >> i love you forever, buddy. we're best friends. who is your best friend? >> you. >> did you understand what was going on during that period at all? >> no. from what i remember, i was confused. >> in what way? >> like what's going on, where is my dad. >> things quickly spiraled out of david's control. first, bruna cut david off from any contact with sean, then she bl blatentally ignored a court order to return him to the u.s. then david relied on a treaty
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under the hague convention, ordering sean back. instead, a beforazilian court s that sean should stay with his mother. as "dateline" documented the story over the years, we saw a father on the brink of oemotionl collapse. >> why would they do that to sean. >> bruna was erasing david from her life and sean, then 6 years old, never even knew his dad had made repeated tripped to brazil, trying to visit him. >> you had no idea he had been in brazil. >> no, no idea. >> nobody told you. >> no. >> even the gifts david tried to send his son were returned unopened. >> did you have any idea then
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that all of this stuff was going on? >> no. >> were you angry, since you didn't know your dad had been there, were you angry, why didn't he want to see me? >> i wasn't angry, but i was confused, because where is my dad? >> did you ask your mom about it, your grandparents about it? >> no. >> why wouldn't you do that? >> i would just get sad again. >> why would you get sad? >> they would just probably say i don't know. >> you were scared to ask a little, afraid of what the answer might be? >> yeah. >> it must have hurt you to be that confused, not know what was going on? >> yeah, i didn't want to be like a loner, so i had to kind of tuck the feelings away and try to live with the -- >> with the situation you had? >> yeah. >> is that what you did, do you think? tuck the feelings away?
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>> yeah. >> so at the tender age of 6, sean goldman learned to suppress his feelings. he didn't want to be different. he didn't want to make waves. still, he always knew something was wrong. especially in 2007, when his mom married a brazilian lawyer named joao paulo lins e silva. >> my mom said this is your dad. >> i knew it wasn't my dad. >> but you went along with it. >> yeah, i didn't want to make anybody mad. >> quietly, sean tried to settle into his new life in brazil, where his mom owned a successful clothing store and his mom owned a popular restaurant. po portugese became the primary language and there we trips to luks you'rous beach resorts.
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>> did you start to forget your dad in that period? >> no. >> never? >> never. >> even though you weren't talking to him. >> i mean, it's a big part of your life if you are a child. is your dad. you have to remember your dad. >> i think a lot of people think of a 4-year-old boy suddenly removed from home, and in a new place, would you start to forget. are you still a little guy, and you are saying no, it doesn't matter, the feelings are there, they are deep? >> yeah. >> then when sean was 8, things took a tragic turn. on august 22, 2008, hours after giving birth to a baby girl, his mom died. she was only 34. when david found out, he rushed down to brazil. >> my poor son, he just lost his mom. i need to see him. he needs to see me. >> because david was now sean's only biological living parent,
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his attorneys were certainly he would finally be able to bring his son home to new jersey. when he got to brazil, david was in for a shock. bruna's new husband has already filed for custody of sean, and bruna's relatives wouldn't let david see sean. he made a desperate public plea for help. >> how can it be possible that a nonblood person could take my child? who could help me? who can help? >> his plea would prompt a rapid groundswell of support. his story, infuriating parents and politicians alike. but for sean, the young boy at the center of it all, it was just an overwhelming swirl of turmoil and painful confusion. did you want to leave? >> i had mixed feelings. >> coming up, the child in the eye of the media storm. what do you remember about that
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day? and why his father says the boy who came home was not the boy who
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for 4 1/2 long years, david goldman was a dejected figure of
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loneliness, canoeing on the river behind his house, his son's empty seat a painful reminder of what had been happier times. he kept his son's bedroom frozen in time little things all exactly the way he'd left them. sean was now 8 years old, living nearly 5,000 miles away, on another continent. you were living in many ways a nice life. you had nice apartment, beautiful weather, friends. >> i didn't have my dad. >> after his mom's sudden death, sean didn't have either of his parents, which made david more desperate than ever to get his little boy home. but in february of 2009, when a brazilian judge finally agreed he could visit his son, david was filled with anxiety. sean told someone else was his dad, after all those years, would he even recognize david, would he be angry? >> i don't know. i hope for the best but expect the worst. >> they met inside the gated
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compound where sean lived with his brazilian grandparents, her new husband, and the baby girl she gave birth to just before she died. >> i ran over, picked him up, hugged him. told him i loved him, i miss him. >> incredible, even though sean hadn't seen his dad since he was 4 years old, as they played together in the pool, it was as if not time passed at all. >> i love you, buddy. i love you so much. >> for sean, it was overwhelming, all his feelings for his dad, the feelings he had long since learned to tuck away, came rushing to the surface. >> they came back out, when i met him again. >> the minute you saw him? >> yeah. >> and what were the feelings you had been tucking away? >> joy. joy like i just met him.
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that joy, and i was happy, and really happy. >> but along with joy, david saw pain and confusion on his son's face. >> he asked me how come i haven't been to see him in four years. so i said the courts were making things very difficult. >> there would be several visits over the next few months, but that didn't mean david was any closer to bringing sean home. his brazilian relatives argued after 4 1/2 years in brazil, sean should stay where he was. he was especially close to his grandmother and deserved to grow up with his half sister and said his mom's new husband had become just as much of a dad to sean as david. "dateline" was with david when that claim brought his frustration to a boiling point. >> sean is my son, he's got my blood running through his veins. >> and then just after his ninth
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birthday, three brazilian psychologists weighed, in, saying it was urgent that he was the victim of parental alienation. the brainwashing of a child against his own parent. >> i think it's terrible, the amount of pressure they are putting on my son. incomprehensible. how cruel. how cruel. >> bring sean home now! >> as pressure mounted on brazil that required it to oblige with a treaty that required him to be brought home, even president obama weighed in. >> we want folks to abide by international law. >> but sean's international relatives refused to back down, and the wrangling in the courts only became more contentious. >> i'm on my knees, begging for my son to come home. >> the case became a game of international suspense, the world watching to see if sean
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goldman would stay in brazil or go back to new jersey. until finally, just before christmas 2009, david and his lawyers got good news. an iron-clad ruling that sean must go home immediately. the handover took place on christmas eve, and by then, tensions had reached an almost hysterical state. sean's visibly upset grandparents approached the u.s. consulate on foot. his mom's brazilian husband came next, arm wrapped tightly around sean. there was no missing sean goldman. in the frenzied crush of cameras, people screaming, horns honking, helicopters circling and police on guard, he was overwhelmed. do you remember much about that last day? it was a tough thing to watch. you're a little boy. >> 9 years old. >> what do you remember about that day? >> getting dragged through the
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streets full of cameramen and a lot of people pushing and hearing a lot of yelling and people calling my name, i just wanted to shoot through everybody. >> he was also confused conflicted. did you want to leave? >> i had mixed feelings. >> what were the feelings? >> i don't really remember. i remember going into the plane and my dad was looking around and waving, and i just told him to hurry up, i wanted to get to the plane and come back to america. >> you just wanted it to be over. >> yeah. >> father and son were heading home together. on a private plane chartered by nbc. it looked like a storybook ending, but after all the turmoil and so many lost years, would it even be possible to recover?
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coming up, something ordinary for any other family, for the goldmans, extraordinary. he remembers to the moment when you called him dad. what was it in that moment that made you say dad? but still adjusting would take time. >> he did have his guard up when he came home. >> in what way? when "sean's story" continues. [ female announcer ] every day, there's a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal.
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on december 28, 2009, sean goldman walked back into a house he hadn't seen since he was 4 years old. his house. >> this was the guest room. >> when you walked back into your house, did you recognize it right away? >> yeah, i recognized the couch and the carpet. >> how about the cat? >> and the cat. definitely the cat. >> she is so happy to see you. >> but even as everything came rushing back to sean, his dad sensed a distance in his 9-year-old son. >> he did have his guard up when he came home. >> in what way? how did he know he wasn't going to be with me for a month, and get ripped back over there? >> was there a significant moment you can say there was a break through, for the two of you. >> for me, when he said dad.
10:34 pm
>> it didn't happen right away, and david was more than willing to wait. when the moment did come, "dateline" was there as sean and his cousins played outside. >> come here. >> what did you say? >> come here, dad. >> coming. did you hear him? i heard him. >> inside, you must have been doing cartwheels. >> they are precious words from a precious little boy. >> he remembers to the moment when you came back from brazil when you called him dad, what that meant to him. do you remember saying it, sean? >> yeah. >> what was in that moment that made you say dad. >> just memories, a lot of memories. a lot of memories there in the bottom of my brain, they all just crowded out. >> calling him dad was one thing, but adjusting to a new life with david was a far more difficult step. >> could you see the conflict in
10:35 pm
him between the family he had left in brazil and this man he hadn't seen in five years? >> yeah, when he first came home, it was all new, he missed his mom. everything was stirring back up in him again. >> sean turned 12 in may, but even now, the memories of his mom are so painfully sad, most of the time, it's one of the things he would rather tuck away. >> do you talk to dad about your mom at all? >> well, sometimes i get sad because every kid -- >> sure. >> who has a parent, who passed gets sad once in a while, but, you know, i try to live with it. >> i mean, occasionally he'll say my mom liked that song, and occasionally i'll bring up and said, you know, your mom used to love that restaurant or we used to go here with your mom. >> it doesn't concern you that he isn't more emotional about her? >> no, it doesn't. i'm sure he does think about her. he has a lot of sadness in his past.
10:36 pm
he knows it's there, he doesn't escape from it, he doesn't hide from it. but why would you want to keep dwelling on things like that? >> for sean, there have been plenty of other things to focus on as he tries to readjust to life in new jersey. >> much better throw. >> how about english? i know when you came here, you spoke english, but you weren't speaking it in brazil, it was hard to suddenly in your own head -- >> not really. since i learned english first, it was easier to come back to. because i already knew basic words. >> what's been the biggest challenge over the past couple of years for you? >> getting fit really. because i was out of shape, and i lost 30, maybe 40 pounds. >> in the past two years you have? >> yeah. >> wow, because you got call. >> yeah, and like -- yeah. >> were you just not in brazil, just not exercising.
10:37 pm
you were a little boy then? >> yeah, i still have like -- you know, babyface and stuff. >> the biggest challenge was just getting fit? >> well, and math. >> still, sean and david have been seeing a therapist ever since he came home. well aware his son could be prone to separation anxiety, david is trying to nip trust issues in the bud. >> laos summst summer we did a experiment where i went away and he stayed with grandma. >> your mom. >> my mom and dad, and about the third or fourth night, he woke up with terrible nightmares that he was being chased in brazil and they were coming to get him, and grandma ran right there and hugged him and said, no, your dad did everything, you were going to be together. it was a test he needed to see, i didn't want to grow him up with separation or attachment disorders and anxieties. >> i know dad has been very open
10:38 pm
about the fact that you had therapy. you think that's a helpful thing? >> yeah, because every kid has problems sometimes. >> and you almost make this look easy and i'm sure it hasn't been the past couple of years. >> not at all. >> not at all. >> the past couple of years, because my dad has been very helpful, but the five years weren't really easy. >> what's the difference? tell me what made the five years hard versus now? >> now i have a guide. >> a guide? >> my dad. he's the guide, and i don't know how to explain it, it's just this bond. that's why here it's easier. because i have my dad. >> but even as he leans on his dad and they work on rebuilding the special bond, there is the pain of knowing his family in brazil is still fighting for him. >> i try to push it away. >> coming up, father and son still looking over their
10:39 pm
shoulders. >> there were some people that would come and sort of stalk us. >> and then how sean feels about his brazilian family today. >> does he ever say i would love to nicest on the block,
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he'll suck in it. oh! >> it was always one of their favorite things to do together and it still is. but the 12-year-old boy who sits at david's side is not the sweetly innocent guy who snuggled up to him as they fished off the backyard dock. >> he's wise beyond his years, good and bad. >> because of what happened. >> because of what happened. i'm sure because of what happened, it made him more mature than he should be. >> his dad worried about the repercussions of another change, when they moved out of their house this april. the only home sean has ever known in new jersey. >> hard to leave the old house, or okay? >> kind of hard, because it's -- you know, i like it. >> it also meant switching schools in the middle of the year. >> he said, dad, i don't want to start again, and that really, to me, it hurt me. and he went to the first day, and he loved it. >> now, after all that you've
10:44 pm
gone through, was that tough for you? >> no. because, well, people are really friendly now. and it's -- it's easy to change. >> maybe because you've experienced big change in your life. maybe this wasn't -- >> it was easier, because of the events that happened in my life, it's easier to have transactions or transitions like that. >> because you've gone through bigger ones? >> yeah. >> than just a school change. >> if it's a testament to sean's resilien resilience, it's always a reminder that the past is not behind father and sean. part of the reason they moved, they no longer have any privacy. >> when we came home, the media was up and down the block. along with the media, a lot of people watching these shows found out where we left as well.
10:45 pm
>> sometimes the brazilian relatives sent people to check up on them. >> bruna's brother sent some people, who were nice people, who would knock on the door, give a report back and some other people, i had no idea who they were, would come and sort of stalk us, the police had to come, so that was uncomfortable. >> both sean's brazilian grandmother and the man his mom married the year before she died, are appealing the decision to send sean home to new jersey. in the u.s., a new jersey court recently reversed a 2011 decision that rejected sylvano's request. there is an argument that her civil rights are being violated because david is refusing contact with sean. when was the last time sean saw
10:46 pm
his grandmother? >> in brazil. >> why won't you let her see him? >> who wonsaid i won't let her him? she can come see him whenever she wants pending a couple of safe safeguards that i would be an idiot not to keep up. because if it were up to him, i would never see him again. she needs to stop the litigation, stop it. and then she needs to go to the therapy here. sean's therapist here and discuss and heed his advice, on how she needs to behave. >> what about people who might say, david, you wanted to see your son in brazil, and had you lawsuits going left and right to try to reclaim him. >> um-hum. >> they let you see him. >> what did you just say? your son. first of all, sean is not her son.
10:47 pm
second of all, she drflagrantly thumbed her nose at international law. they didn't let me do anything. they were ordered by a federal court. >> sean's grandfather died last year, and his grandmother said it makes it even more tragic that he has not been permitted to have contact with remaining relatives in brazil. does he ever ask about her? ever say i would love to go visit? >> no. no. he doesn't. >> if he were to say, dad, i know this is happening, but i want to see my grandmother, i want to go see my grandmother. i would say let's call her up, and let's work out something. it wouldn't be in brazil, because we don't know what will happen again. >> do you encourage him to call. yeah, in fact, over the holidays, we should call. he doesn't want to. and i don't know how far i should push him. >> when you think back to brazil
10:48 pm
now, sean, what do you think? >> i think maybe someday i'll visit, but i want to get older before i, you know, go back or anything like that. >> why do you say that. why do you want to get older first? >> because i could probably handle more. like handle more feelings. >> you think it would be hard to handle feelings at this point? >> yeah. >> because -- >> i'm still 11 years old. maybe 16 or 18, and then maybe i'll try to, but i just -- i don't want to ruin -- like i don't want to get sad again. because, of course, there are people who care about me there, but there are people here that care about me, but here is where i am supposed to live. and i -- i want to stay like this. >> and you feel that deeply in your heart, that this is where you are supposed to be. >> yeah.
10:49 pm
>> do you think about your grandmother? >> not really. because i just get sad. and no one really likes getting sad. >> it's an honest answer from a boy who has had to be so brave, as he tried to heal from the sadness and confusion in his life. coming up, sean faces a fresh challenge. a dramatic change at home. and then sean speaks directly to other abducted children. if you could talk to any of these kids, what would you
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when david and sean goldman moved this april, there was one thing they both knew they couldn't leave behind. through all their years apart, sean never forgot hunting for dyinosaurs with his dad did you take the canoe with you? >> yeah, i know it's in the backyard. >> i know what that canoe means to your dad. what it means a lot to you too? what does it mean to you? >> it means happy. when i'm in the canoe, i'm happy. because i'm with my dad. >> in a way, it's such a natural thing for a child to say about a parent.
10:54 pm
equating happiness with simply being together. yet for david goldman, it means so much more. >> for me, it was a dream for so long, and to have it as a reality is -- it's excellent, it's beautiful. >> we sat down a lot of times over the past few years, you and i, and many of the interviews have been extremely merely, at times you have been quite despondent. >> desperate. >> how is today different? >> i'm no longer desperate and no longer despondent, and i see my son, who is happy and healthy and playing. >> for sean, the changes continue. his dad is now engaged to be married, and when father and son move to their new house, david's fiancee wendy and her sons came with them. >> it's kind of just like a typical brady bunch, mini brady bunch type of family.
10:55 pm
everyone gets along. >> sean's soon to be stepbrother jesse doesn't think sean will have any trouble adjusting. he remembers when sean first came home from brazil. >> it kind of took him a while to just adjust to, you know, everyone trying to fit in and stuff. >> but now he says sean is like any other kid on the block. >> going to make that? >> we're always hanging out. playing video games, watching tv, playing basketball. >> now he is the normal kid, and he perservered in his own way. >> and whatever they are doing, whether it's shooting hoops or trying to trounce each other in a video game -- >> i have 500 points. >> the bond between this son and his dad is more solid than ever. >> he's not only a dad. like he knows how to play. >> he's like a playmate in some ways. >> in some ways, yeah. >> if you had to describe your relationship with your dad, it's dad, it's buddy, a combination? >> yes, he's a superdad.
10:56 pm
>> i can be a kid again too, with my son. and it's really special. you know, we can't get back what we lost and we can't try to get back the impossible, he will never be 4 1/2, 5, 6, through 8. but we do have now. we're best buddies, we're great together. >> is he your best buddy? >> yeah. >> recently, the two best buddies appeared on the nbc sports network show bass 2 bill fish. >> it was really fun. >> you got this gene for fishing from your dad you think? >> yeah. it's really fun. >> even if my dad asks me, what do you want to be when you grow up? i would say i don't know, but i would have to be a part-time fisherman. >> you called your dad a superdad. do you call him that because how he hard to get you home?
10:57 pm
>> for multiple ways. he was my mom and dad for a lot of times. >> he fought very hard to get you home. >> i've heard. >> when you heard that, because i guess that's something you didn't realize until after you came back, he fought for you, other people fought for you and a lot of people knew your story, sean. what does that make you feel when you hear that? >> grateful. >> why do you use that word, grateful? >> it's grateful that people take time out of your day to help me, and it's -- it's incredible. >> sean's dad is still fighting, but now for the thousands of u.s. parents whose children have been abducted to other countries. according to the u.s. state department, between 2008 and 2010, parents reported more than 3,000 abduction cases involving some 4,700 children.
10:58 pm
>> these cases break my heart, because i know what it's like to suffer every second of every day longing to be with your own child. >> david's new role as an activist include speaking engagements. >> i can never accept this gift of being reunited without doing what i can to give back. >> he also appears frequently on capitol hill. congressman chris smith, one of his most vocal supporters, named a bill in honor of sean and david. it would sanction countries harboring a child abducted by a parent. the website once devoted to bringing sean home is now devoted to bringing other children home. and david hopes his book, "a father's love" will draw attention to the issue. it's something sean who helped pick the photos for the new paperback version, has become as compassionate about as his dad. >> i don't want people to go
10:59 pm
through what i went through. i would prefer if people were kids that are kidnapped to other countries by their other parent should come home and hopefully their parents will work it out. >> if you could talk to these kids, what would you say to them? >> hang in there. hopefully we'll get you home. >> you really think that's possible? >> well, everything is possible. >> for now, sean goldman is happy just being a normal new jersey kid, and mostly, spending time with his best buddy. and your idea of a perfect day, sean goldman, would be what? >> in the middle of the summer, not one cloud in the sky, lireay blue and go out fishing with my dad. >> it would include your dad? >> with my dad. >> that's all for now. i'm


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